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Sunderland AFC's greatest ever XI

Chris A | Sunderland A.F.C. | All Time | 4-3-3

This is Chris A's chosen 11 from the greatest ever Sunderland A.F.C. players of all time. Why not select your own Sunderland team?

Selected Players

No.PlayerYear Range
1.Jimmy Montgomery1960-1977
2.David Watson1970-1975
3.Michael Gray1992-2004
4.Kevin Ball1990-1999
5.Charlie Hurley1957-1969
6.Colin Todd1966-1971
7.Raich Carter1931-1939
8.Dennis Tueart1968-1974
9.Brian Clough1961-1964
10.Len Shackleton1948-1957
11.Kevin Phillips1997-2003