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Matthew E's Greatest Plymouth Argyle F.C. Team

Matthew E | Plymouth Argyle F.C. | All Time | 4-2-3-1

This is Matthew E's chosen 11 from the greatest ever Plymouth Argyle F.C. players of all time. To Select Your Own Greatest XI... Continue with Facebook

Selected Players

No.PlayerYear Range
1.Luke McCormick2000-2008
2.Marcel Seip2006-2011
3.Brian McGlinchey2000-2004
4.David Friio2000-2005
5.Graham Coughlan2001-2005
6.Peter Hartley2014-2016
7.David Norris2002-2008
8.Paul Wotton1994-2008
9.Mickey Evans1990-1997
10.Graham Carey2015-2016
11.Ákos Buzsáky2005-2005