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Select Your Greatest Ever Team

Before, starting the selection process, please enter a few details about the team you wish to create. You may select a Greatest Ever team of players from one club, a specific era, or a cup team - e.g. the Greatest Ever World Cup team. You may also choose to select a Worst Ever team, or a funny team (e.g. Players with the Biggest Moustaches, Tallest Team, Funniest Names etc. etc.)

Do you want to select a Greatest Ever club team or a Greatest Ever cup team.
Choose a traditional 4-4-2, a more modern 4-2-3-1 or anything else you fancy!
Do you want to create a greatest team of all-time or a greatest team from a particular era (e.g. 1990s)?

4-4-2 : traditional formation

4-3-3 : used by Brazil in '62

3-5-2 : with wingers

5-3-2 : with wing-backs

4-2-3-1 : modern formation

3-4-3 : attacking formation